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(Texte en anglais ci-dessous/English will follow)


Salut à tous,

(Désolé pour le spam, mais bon...)

Toutes mes photos originales et comparatives du Nadeshicon 2014 sont en ligne. Prenez le temps d'y jeter un coup d'oeil... et de m'aider à remplir les trous XD

J'ai besoin de votre aide, car certains personnages me sont inconnus... et j'aimerais bien les identifier. De plus, il y a aussi certains personnages dont je ne connais pas la référence du costume, alors comme mes photos comparatives, j'aimerais bien les ajouter. Les photos photos en question sont ci-dessous:


Nadeshicon 2014 009 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 096 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 126 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 129 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 265 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 335 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 708 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 762 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 765 by MrJechgo 


Nadeshicon 2014 236 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 549 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 628 by MrJechgo Nadeshicon 2014 866 by MrJechgo 

Sur ce, a+ ^_^


Nadeshicon... DONE... almost

Heya all,

(Sorry for the spam, but still...)

All of Nadeshicon 2014's original and VS photos are online. Please take the temps to check them out... and help me fill the gaps XD

I need your help, because I don't know some of the characters... and I'd like to identify them. Furthermore, there are also some characters that I don't know the costume's reference, so for my VS pictures, I'd like to add them. The pictures in questions are above:

On that, cheers ^_^

  • Mood: Optimism

Journal History


- Speak French (1st language) and English (let's clarify this right now ^^)
- Currently am a 3D animator in training from the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- Got into cosplay photography a while back, and loving it
- Might have started a trend to post original-vs-cosplay pictures on DA
- Love to meet/see cosplayers outside of their costumes, because it's fun to see their true selves
- Go to conventions for 3 things:
1) Cosplay pictures
2) Voice actors panels and autograph sessions
3) Artworks and trinkets
- Love to meet english voice actors, because they give life to some of my favorite characters in video games
- Aim to get a game box signed with every main actor
- Love doing serial wallpapers and fighting game wishlists in the form of character select screen
- Talk a lot, as I tend to write long comments
- Would love to get more cosplay groups, because it shows unity, organization and luck
- Hate having somthing hidden from me, like personal opinions and secrets ... unless it's for a surprise :)
- Would love to visit other conventions, like New York and Toronto, but travelling can be a real pain...
- Would love to work in a game company and would like to revolution the way of making games
- Would love to develop my own games
- Apparently am one of the few who can play a 3DS with the full 3D effect without headaches, heartaches or eye strains. When I worked at Beenox, I LOLed at that situation
- Strongly believe that video games should be godly playable before being godly beautiful. The best graphics do not make the best games.
- Strongly believe that video game companies should fire any businessman/big boss who is NOT a gamer to replace them with competent ones with gaming affinities, so they would take decisions based on what's good for the gamers and not for their investors. You know, like havign a John Lasseter in every company.
- Strongly believe that video game companies should follow Blizzard's example for game development: take as much time possible to make the perfect game. The gamers don't complain about delays... the businessmen do, unfortunately.
- Strongly believe that someone should get rid of the modern military FPS plague, so other, more innovative games could flourish.
- Strongly believe in logic. It must make sense before making an impression.
- Strongly believe in the "Not judging a book by its cover" motto, as people should judge the content and NOT the container. That applies to people as well.


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Thanks so much for the watch :heart: :hug: :heart: :glomp: :heart:
(1 Reply)
Merci pour le watch! c:
(1 Reply)
Tes albums sont vraiment supers. Tu as plus l'opportunité de prendre autant de photos des costumes. Avec le mieux, c'est plutot difficile, surtout mon deuxième, Impérial Gunner. Pas facile de s'en servir avec le casque!...

J'espère que tu seras au Comiccon de Montréal en septembre et à Québec en octobre!...

Continues, tes photos sont superbes!
(1 Reply)
J25TheArcKing 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG at the left side is that YOU! 0_0…
(1 Reply)
NieRieChie Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, I really like looking through your gallery, especially the folder of G-Anime! It brings back the memories from that day (only went one day) and you also got some pictures of people I did not see! ^_^ Great photography!
(1 Reply)
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