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Montreal Comic Con 2012 262 by MrJechgo Montreal Comic Con 2012 262 by MrJechgo
Who: Jubilee

From: X-Men

Cosplayer: :iconmaryalupin:

Photographer: me -> :iconwebjici:

at: Montreal Comic Con 2012

Original work from X-Men
Marvel Comics / Chris Claremont / Marc Silvestri

I'm really glad to have found a Jubilee cosplayer... because considering the character's popularity, she's a rare one to see. Ok, fine, long story short, she didn't get the attention like the other X-Men characters had and cosplayers might not even know or care about her. Let me explain:
- Barely any appearance since the 90s series: X-Men Evolution had her, but they wrote her out in the 3rd season until they bring her back for the series' finale. Furthermore, no apperance was planned for Wolverine and the X-Men. I'll be honest here: Spike should have been scrapped so Jubilee could have been seen more often. The only good thing that came out of Evolution was X-23.

- Barely any apperance in the live-action movies. Dude, when she did, it's either very short... or, get this, in deleted scenes. Yeah, not cool guys.

- She was the victim most of time in the 90s series. She felt too much like a helpless person, when she should have been a main character, being an orphan with new mutant powers.

- She's an helper in Marvel vs Capcom 1... but never to be seen in MvC2 and MvC3, compared to the other characters that served as helpers.

- She's a playable in X-Men Legends... but not in the sequel. Don't you hate when they remove characters for no reason ?

- She loses her powers during one timeline and becomes Wondra, thus changing completely how we like about Jubilee.

- In 2004, they tried to make a standalone CB series with Jubilee, and got cancelled after 6 issues.

So yeah, I applause the cosplayer for choosing this character, because Jubilee deserves more attention.
LadySqualala Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
haha c'est vrai que c'est fou a quel point les gens oublient Jubilee, pourtant je la considère comme un des x-men pricipaux :S
MrJechgo Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
Elle l'était dans la série des années 90s, mais on dirait qu'ils sont sont tannés de la voir dans les séries suivantes. Je peux prendre l'inclusion de Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Iceman et Emma Frost.. mais Spike ? Vraiment ??? C'est un personnage qui "remplace" Marrow, une autre X-Men, et qui n'apparait plus dans la séries des BDs... du tout. Contrairement à X-23, qui ait apparût dans la série principale après Evolution, Spike a disparu dans la brûme...

Je ne sais vraiment pas pourqoi elle a chuté de si haut... pourtant, elle représentait mieux les jeunes en difficulté d'estime de soi que le fait Rogue, puisque cette dernière s'est mieux intégrée au groupe et s'est acceptée plus facilement que Jubilee.

Anyway, j'ai été content de voir ton cosplay, ça m'a rappellé des bons souvenirs... sauf que maintenant je me sens vieux XD
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