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(Texte en français dans le journal précédent [plus long que prévu]/French version available in the previous [longer than usual] journal)

2016 is about to end, so why not go back to photo events to which I've participated? Let's see what 2016 had in store for me:

January: G-Anime
Quick as the Flash
G-Anime 2016-171 by MrJechgo

Yup, I got a flash for Christmas, and that was useful a LOT for my first convention of the year, due to the lighting, which is [too] low. I didn't get bored, but it was kinda sad that one of the buildings got converted into a panel room, when iut was often used for photoshoots. Apparently, this will be corrected in 2017, crossing my fingers, because I'd like to go to gatherings there.

February: Montreal Retro Expo
New with old
Retro Expo MTL 2016-1 by MrJechgo

That was my first time at this little event, which was a dealer's alley with people who offer old toys, discs, games and more. Not many cosplays, but I did take the time to try new poses and angles. P.S. I FINALLY found my Toon Link Amiibo :P

February: Les Joueurs de Montréal (Montreal's best gamers)
Be spontaneous!
Montreal Joue-2 by MrJechgo

What I first wanted to film got transformed into a dynamic photoshoot; the whole event was broadcast on Twitch. I got to practice my spontaneous photos and to get the right moment. I also met a lot of different people from the Quebed gaming community, and I'm following their work even to this day. 

March: Maid Café at Vieux-Montréal College
Ending the week on a good note
Maid Cafe Cegep Vieux-Montreal 2016-2 by MrJechgo

I'm starting to like these kinds of evenings. The staff plays along, the costumes are great and the menu is delicious. It always surprises me to see this many people, as it fills up fast. Thank goodness I got a table early.

April: Nadeshicon
My ver first panel!
Nadeshicon 2016-335 by MrJechgo

I broke the ice and decided to host my first Q&A panel... ever! A big thank to Pol Nado for helping me out for this. Everything went well and this started a "trend". For the convention itself, I had a little problem with the Masquerade due to a contract with the convention and a cameraman, but everything got resolved without problem. Always a pleasure to see the people from the Capital. 

April: LAN ETS
Start your keyboards
LAN ETS 2016 Bonus 01 by MrJechgo…

Due to a last-minute event, I couldn't attend the cosplay contest, but I went to the party anyway, mostly for the same crew that I've met back in February ;) First time at a LAN party, so... a lot of things to learn, like working with a very low lighting. Fortunately, there was also a well-lit green screen and it gave me good photos to work with.

May: Medieval Fair
Back in time
Salon Passion Medievale 2016-119 by MrJechgo

Again, this appeared on my radar at the last minute, so I decided to take a look. Personally, I was quite surprised by this convention. I'm a D&D/Pathfinder player/game master myself, but that's a different world :P I went for spontaneous photos once more, but also got to capture beautiful costumes, all tailored for this event.

May: Montreal Harajuku Walk
Yeah... I still need to work out XD
Montreal Harajuku Walk 2016-15 by MrJechgo

A re-scheduling allowed me to take regular photos before the walk. However, I didn't take my camera out during the walk. Between managing the safety of the attendees in the streets of Montreal... again plagued with construction sites and taking pictures, I went for the safest, something the organizers loved BTW ;) Little surprise, a local newspaper interviewed the models after the walk.

June: High Score Con
Gonna catch'em all!
High Score Con 2016-62 by MrJechgo

Yet another last-minute addition to my agenda, and aside for the rather restricted rooms, there were some great cosplays. Why the title? Because it was a Pokémon-themed event this time around... especially with the reveal of Pokémon Sun & Moon. Also, I met with Rom HQ for a commission as my Facebook profil pic, thanks buddy ^_^

June: Jean-Drapeau Park
Helping a friend and working in peace
Pjd 26-06-2016-99 by MrJechgo

Pol Nado organized a gathering at Jean-Drapeau Park and I wanted to help him out, as did other photographers as well. With the exception of a musical event, each of us managed to pick a small cosplayers group and took photos at any spot of the island. We didn't get annoyed by people who were passing by, so... we worked in peace and quiet.

July: Montreal Comiccon
No need to rest (Thank God)
Mcc 2016-237 by MrJechgo

This year, I've noticed fewer attendees, but whatever, my impression. I didn't get as many photos as last year. Then again, I got a really good spot to film the Masquerade, with a seat closer to the stage, and the show started with an impressive number. However, I bought a Deluxe pass, but it barely got used, so... I got a regular pass next year. BTW, I didn't get sick on Sunday :P

July: Jarry Park
Drip, drip, drop...
Pj 24-07-2016-9 by MrJechgo

Yeah... while the place was ideal for photos, the weather wasn't... Things happen ^_^ I'll gladly go back when it will be less crowded, as there was also a tennis championship and construction sites all around.

July: Granby Zoo
Back in childhood
Zoo Granby 31-07-2016-15 by MrJechgo

It has been 20 years since I haven't visited the Granby Zoo. I took this chance to bring my camera and get some nice photos of the animals. Some didn't move, others did, so I tried several tactics this day. It brought back memories.

August: Otakuthon
A fine week-end
Otakuthon 2016-1077 by MrJechgo

Where to begin? I got the autographs from 2 guests, I got to film their respective panels, I got to attend several gatherings, I got to dust off my Frank West cosplay and adapt it with my new backpack and I FINALLY got to try the Fire Fountain. I didn't stop one moment... but this is what keeps me going to conventions. I hope to get that same feeling next year.

August: Arcade Montréal - Zelda Night
No rest for the heroes
Arcade MTL Soiree Zelda 12-08-2016-63 by MrJechgo

To my surprise, an arcade-bar was organizing a Zelda-themed night with a costume contest. I already had in mind to go, but the staff also asked me to be the official photographer for the event. How can I refuse ;) ?

August: Matsuri Japan
Rain... again
Matsuri Japon 2016-12 by MrJechgo

Summer had its ups and downs... I didn't get too hot nor got crammed due to the crowd (they took a far bigger place), but the rain didn't allow me to take photos or to stay that long. Kinda sad, because the new activities were interesting. Let's cross our fingers for some good weather next time.

August: Dreamhack Montreal
Let the games begin!
Dreamhack MTL 2016-76 by MrJechgo

The last day of the competition offered a cosplay contest... which I could attend this time. Fun fact: the staff allowed me and another photographer to calibrate the lighting for our cameras :D Very nice costumes, great presentations and great organisation, I wasn't disappointed. Thanks to my expereince with the LAN ETS, I was better prepared. Finally, it's not every day you get to see a StarCraft 2 grand final ;)

August: Retro Expo Montreal (Fall edition)
Small, but chill
Retro Expo Aout 2016-13 by MrJechgo

As you can see, August was a pretty month for me XD So, attending a small event allowed me to take it easy. Not many cosplays, but it was fun to see other people ^_^

September : Animara Con
Debuting a secret cosplay
Fun with photos - Erza by MrJechgo

The stars aligned themselves and I showed my 3rd cosplay: Fisher Von Erlach (Testeur Alpha). Alpha's reaction was priceless XD. I also appreciated the hotel, so I could dress and change up with no problem. There were a lot of reuniting, great cosplays and interesting panels. Important fact: next year, it becomes a 3-day convention.

Oh, BTW, here's the cosplay:
Geekfest MTL 2016 VS 75 by MrJechgo

October: Maid Café at Vieux-Montréal College (Halloween edition)
Time to get in with the festivities
Maid Cafe Cegep Vieux-Montreal Oct 2016-13 by MrJechgo

Not going to hide it: Halloween is the perfect time for cosplays. The Maid Café decided to celebrate Halloween a little bit early. Great costumes and reunions, I ended my day in style ^_^

October: Extra-Life Marathon
Gaming for charity
Marathon Extra-Life 2016-8 by MrJechgo

I have heard about this event via that same group of gamers. Speed runs, game demonstrations and good times, everything was there. The event allowed them to collect around $50,000 for sick children, so a big shout-out for the team ^_^

October: Quebec City Comiccon
In good company
Qccc 2016-359 by MrJechgo

For the first time, I wasn't alone: I went to this con with Pol Nado and cosplayer Lilithia Dark. I didn't get any problem with the travelling and hotel, fortunately. For the convention itself, it was quieter. There weren't many guests, so less people for the convention. Still, the Twitch panel was great and I had a very good spot for the Masquerade. I hope that they double their efforts for next year, because I really like this convention.

October: Zombie Walk
90% chance of…
MTL Zombie Walk 2016-29 by MrJechgo

Once again, rain got in the way. I couldn't wear my Frank West cosplay, less people were presented and less people came to see the walk. I tried something to take photos, as it was my first time in the rain, but I would have loved a better weather. Let's see what 2017 has in store.

November: Montreal Geekfest
2nd time at the plate
Geekfest MTL 2016-280 by MrJechgo

For my 2nd time at the Geekfest, I got this chance to present my panel, with a full room, which surprised me O_O. Aside from that, I got to see great cosplays, nice guests and could take it easy. There was a lack of panels on Sunday, but still... I had a good time.

November: La Console qui Console – Niveau 4
Another marathon for a good cause
La Console qui Console 2016-7 by MrJechgo

I met the organizers at Animara Con, and it just happened that I was on a day off, so... Great organization, lots of people, prices to win, good costumes for a little contest, a video game museum, VR stations, I tried everything. A great shout-out for the staff for this event ^_^

December: Montreal Mini-Comiccon
2 days of R&R ;)
Mini-MCC Dec 2016-51 by MrJechgo

Several people wanted to know if I was going to go, and I finally confirmed my presence. While there was only a dealer's alley, the rest of the Palais was at my disposal for photos. Also, it was free, for both days. Finally, I tried a telephoto and really liked the results. Always a pleasure to go to these samll events ^_^

What's in store for 2017? I... cannot tell. I have seen several events that interest me, and photography will not cease to surprise me. I'm getting close to 300 featured cosplayers... and I have more than a 100 more in store (do the math, for 52 features a year, so I'm good for 2 years at least). I'll celebrate 10 years on dA in January, and 3 years on Facebook in April ;) I'd like to re-host my panel at Nadeshicon and Animara Con. I have more projects in mind, only time will tell.

With that, cheers ^_^
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